June 20, 2018

Breed Profile: Manchester Terrier

by Lauren R. Tharp

A descendent of the “original” terrier (the Black and Tan Terrier!), the Manchester Terrier originated in England and was specifically bred to hunt rats!  This breed is still adept at hunting small vermin and remains a favorite dog of terrier-lovers everywhere.  The Manchester Terrier was officially recognized as a breed by the AKC in 1886.

Physical Traits

Size & Weight: Manchester Terriers come in both standard and toy varieties.  Standard Manchester Terriers are usually weighs 13-22 pounds while the Toy variety is generally 7-12 pounds.

Coat & Color: Smooth, short, glossy coats.  Black and tan in color.

Other: There are 3 different ear types: Naturally erect, cropped, or button.

Life Expectancy: 12-14 years


The cross between a Black & Tan Terrier and a Whippet, the Manchester Terrier exhibits personality traits from both its parent breeds.  Manchester Terriers are loyal, energetic, fun-loving, friendly and observant.  Equally good at home with the family as they are on the “hunt.”  They make mighty fine watch dogs.


  • Is a very quick learner.  The combination of sharp intelligence and an eagerness to please makes the Manchester Terrier one of the easier terrier breeds for beginners to train.
  • Very little grooming is needed.  Not only does the Manchester Terrier have a short, easy-to-manage coat, but they tend to favor grooming themselves.
  • Great watchdogs!


  • Not the best with small animals.  The “chase” instinct in runs strong in Manchester Terriers.  If you have smaller pets (especially if they’re of the rodent family), then this might not be the dog for you.
  • As with all terrier breeds, obedience training is a must.  And while the Manchester is more manageable than some varieties, they can still be stubborn on occasion.
  • While the Manchester Terrier doesn’t bark incessantly for no reason like some dog breeds, its (perhaps overly) efficient tendencies as a watchdog can lead to more noise than you may be prepared for—or that your living situation will allow.

Special Thanks to Dog Mountain for use of this featured image of the Manchester Terrier.

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