June 25, 2018

Progress on the LongBoat Key Dog Beach

On Thursday last week, a full house at LongBoat Key Town Hall prompted Commissioners to take a serious look at the need to designate a portion of the beach as dog-friendly.  A committee has been formed to study the possibilities pro and con and suggest possible solutions.  Two of the seven Commissioners will serve on the Committee providing insight to local ordinances and protocol.

According to PetTravel.com, more than 30 million people traveled with their pet last year.  One must make the assumption that when those people are planning their vacations they are looking for dog friendly communities.  Yes, these are mostly people traveling with dogs, only 2% of cat lovers travel with their kitties and a the number is slightly smaller for bird and reptile fans.

Sarasota and Bradenton dog lovers must now drive to Venice’s Brohard Park to enjoy the beach with their pup.  A LBK option would provide a nice alternative and an infusion of new customers to dog friendly businesses on LongBoat Key.

The prospect of a dog-friendly destination beach on LongBoat Key is now a real possibility, but it is far from done.  Your support is still needed.  You can stay tuned to this web site for more information,  and you may send your letters of support to LBKluvsdogs@gmail.com.

If you are on LongBoat Key right now, and looking for a dog-friendly park, check out the Joan M. Durant Park at 5550 Gulf of Mexico Drive.  There is no beach access but it’s a gorgeous walk and dogs are welcome.