April 19, 2018

Meet Nelson

Another Friday means another adorable adoptable for your viewing pleasure: Meet Nelson!

Nelson is a handsome 10 year old Beagle. He came to Bishop Animal Shelter earlier this month as a stray. The shelter has been desperately looking for this boy’s home but all information on his previous owner has sadly changed. Nelson weighed in at just 28 ½ pounds. We’re told he loves to sing, as many Beagles tend to do. Bishop’s says he doesn’t act his age, either. Sounds like he’s quite the spunky fella!

For more information on this sweet canine boy, contact Bishop Animal Shelter by calling 941-792-2863 or email them at bishopspca@hotmail.com. Life’s just more fun with dogs!


  1. Haylee says:

    My family wishes to take this lovable beagle in, but the economy is harsh and Nelson deserves a good home we fear we might not be able to give.
    Our dog Jackie (also adopted from Bishop) will just have to be an only child.

    My family wishes the best of the best of families for Nelson. Your eyes captivated ours little guy!


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