June 25, 2018

Hello, Blue-Eyed Boy!

Meet Kirby, your adoptable dog of the week, Bradenton.

Kirby here is a very handsome 4 year old Australian Shepherd mix. Kirby was brought to Bishop Animal Shelter back in March. His previous owners gave him up because he would escape and attack cats therefore a home without cats is ideal. This loving boy weighs 58 pounds and has heterochromia, which is just a fancy schmancy was of saying he has two different colored eyes with his right eye being blue.

Kirby is an inside dog; he is house trained, neutered and we’re told he’s also good with children, according to the previous owners. He loves going for walks and absolutely loves people. Interested in meeting him? Contact Bishop Animal Shelter by calling 941-792-2863 or email them at bishopspca@hotmail.com.

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