June 25, 2018

Meet Bradshaw

Cooler weather has been slowly coming our way, Bradenton. It’s perfect weather to get outside and enjoy our city. What better way to motivate yourself than a canine companion by your side? Check out your adoptable dog of the week, Bradshaw.

Bradshaw here is a 4 month old male Chihuahua mix.  He weighs just 12 pounds and was  brought in to Bishop Animal Shelter last month as a stray.  Bradshaw loves to play with toys and he loves to run.

He is learning his leash manners with the help of Bishop’s great staff but this petite boy prefers to be carried. Who wouldn’t, right? Bradshaw is typically a very happy puppy and full of energy.

For more information on this sweet little boy, feel free to call Bishop Animal Shelter at 941-792-2863 or drop them a quick note at bishopspca@hotmail.com. Enjoy the weekend, dog lovers!

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