June 25, 2018

Adoptables Galore!

Only 11 Days til Christmas! If you’re looking for a gift that keeps on giving, consider animal adoption! Not only will you be giving a great dog a forever home but now another homeless dog will now have space and the chance for adoption, too. Check out 4 adoptable dogs for your viewing pleasure, Bradenton!

A054614 This sweet little girl is listed as a pug mix. She is spayed, loves any and all people. She would make the perfect pet for any home – she’s gentle, patient and quiet. She loves to be held, cuddled, petted, and I’m sure she would love to sit on a couch or chair next to anyone, and keep your toes warm in bed on a cold night. The staff at Manatee County Animal Services has tried playing with toys which she would chase when thrown, but she has never been a fan of picking them up to return or play.

A054634 This girl below is listed as a spayed Pit Bull. She wasn’t much into the stuffed toys (except to chase and then lose interest), but throw a ball and it is her ultimate toy! She is also very patient, as she happily obliged putting on Reindeer antlers and posing with the stuffed Santa/Snowman. She also liked to sit on the bench to be close to Pam, one of the dedicated volunteers.

A 054655 This handsome fella is listed as a Yellow Male Labrador Retriever. At first he was very interested in exploring his surroundings and yard, but once he’s acclimated, he is the best dog. He absolutely loves retrieving toys, and he will either sit or stand til you toss the toy back. Well mannered and will play catch with you all day long. Also very a very patient and kind soul, like many Labs.

A 054703 This is a neutered Beagle. He is very loving, mellow and patient. He liked treats, knows some basic obedience commands like sit, speak and give his paw for a treat. He loves getting back scratches and most any form of personal attention. He doesn’t care much for toys but is a very nice guy.

Do one of these gems look like the perfect pet for your home? Please contact the Manatee County Animal Services by calling 941-742-5933 for more information or to make an appointment to meet one of these adoptables.

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