June 24, 2018

Breed Profile: Shepherd Husky Mix

By Lauren R. Tharpe

The Shepherd Husky is a mix of two breeds: The German Shepherd and the Siberian Husky.  Most Shepherd Husky owners consider this breed to be the best of both worlds.

Physical Traits

Size & Weight: Large.  Shepherd Huskies range from 20 to 26 inches tall at the shoulder.  Their weight also varies, but usually falls within the 35-75 pound range.

Coat & Color: Very thick coated dogs!  Their outer coat is coarse and their undercoat is thick, plush-like, and like their Husky-half, have the ability to thrive in cooler weather.  They also come in a variety of colors.  Black, black and white, or black and tan.  Their coats tend to shed constantly and will need to be groomed on a regular basis.

Other: While most Shepherd Huskies have brown eyes or blue eyes, some have one of each!

Also, the most decorated war dog of World War II, Chips, was a Shepherd Husky!

Life Expectancy: 10-13 years


Shepherd Huskies are diligent working dogs who are eager to please.  Shepherd Huskies are highly intelligent (their “shepherd” half, the German Shepherd, was ranked the third most intelligent dog breed in the world!) and they adapt quickly to just about any situation.  Equally good as a service dog or a family pet.


  • Highly intelligent and fairly easy to train – if the Shepard side is dominant, if Husky is prevailing – dig in, you’ll have your work cut-out for you.
  • Highly courageous.  Makes for a great watch/guard dog.
  • People “person.”  These dogs, unless trained otherwise, get along with most people—including children—that they meet!


  • Shepherd Huskies can be howlers!  Be prepared for a long night of howling any time a siren passes through your neighborhood.  They’re also known to be very “talkative.”  They may howl and moan more than actually bark, but expect a full bodied bark when they do vocalize in that way.
  • Require a lot of exercise!  Without daily exercise, these dogs may become destructive.   With your Veterinarian’s approval, this would be a great dog to bicycle, run or trike with.
  • The predator/prey instinct runs fairly strong in this breed.  If not properly socialized with other animals from a very early age, they may see smaller creatures as “prey” rather than “playmate.”


  1. Melanie Urban says:

    I have a German Sheperd/Husky mix dog. He was a rescue from the local shelter. His previous owner was abusive. However, since absorbing CJ into our family, he’s a wonderful addition. He is very intelligent, observant, & playful. He was very easy 2 train, loves women, but especially children. He get anxious sometimes, when left alone. We still put him in his cage when we know we’ll be gone for longer than an hr, as he will chew. Every once in a while, he digs in the backyard. The only issue is that he’s scared of tall men. My way of dealing wit that is 2 have the men completely ignore CJ until he is comfortable with them. Once this happens, CJ is all over them, trying 2 lick people’s skin off. CJ is an excellent watch dog, & loves 2 play hide-&-go-seek. As I have an 11yr old son, it’s a relief having his temperament being so compassionate, mellow, & gentle. I’m sure I don’t handle having an abused dog perfect but for what it’s worth, we love having him in our family, & I wouldn’t trade CJ for the world.

  2. Heather says:

    I have a Five year old husky shepherd mix and he was also a rescue. He was extremely abused and abandoned. I have had him since he was ten months old and he is the greatest dog I have ever owned. He was a very timid and shy dog when I first got him and just loved to be loved. They can be a challenge to train he was a stuborn little man. It took me close to two year s to train him and he still has some quorks but he is just all around a good dog. I have a purebred shepherd and my husky mix was very fatherly and very gentle with him till he was around six months lol and now they play pretty rough. Dodge my husky mix is very attached to my two year old boy too and very protective. They both are. huskys and shepherds are my two favorite breeds and they are such great compainions!!!!! I will always love the breeds especially mixed!!!

  3. Eden Barry says:

    Our shepherd-husky mix is Angelcake. Angelcake is an energetic dog and a complete lovebug. She will make your heart melt. We too got her from a rescue group. She especially loves our other dogs, Bruno and Tex. My grandma’s dog is Molly. She will tear things up — she is quite the chewer as a puppy. She has also chewed the wood on our stairs. She will jump around and play with the other dogs outside and she will make dust fly outside. She is the cutest dog.And if you give her a toy she will tear it up. Her teeth are razor sharp.She’ll lick you everywhere on your face. When you make her really really happy she will wag her tail so fast and lick you up.

  4. Kathleen says:

    Our shepherd/husky is now 10 yrs old. We got Nova when she was only 5 weeks old from local people that had a shepherd and a husky that got together – This is our second shepherd/husky mix -The breed description above is right on the money ! I have never known a dog with so much love for everyone she comes in contact with. The only thing she is afraid of is thunderstorms – (she becomes a huge baby).
    I highly recommmend this breed of dog – great temperment -loyal.

  5. Denise Richardson says:

    I also have a 6 yr old husky Shepard mix. A rescue someone trained her to track and it is her faviorte thing to do. She was scared and a bit scary when I first got her but she is now the biggest baby you have ever seen. Once accused of being dangerous she now is gentle with other animals and people. The only thing you have to fear from her is being licked to death. Her only bad habit is she does not like bring away from me. And yes she talks all the time I never knew dogs could make so many different sounds. But she rarely barks unless she is over excited or wants my attention. She is my very best buddy and I have never felt do loved. 😉

  6. Leah Jordana says:

    Our wonderful female Rottweiler Lima died a few week ago and after looking for another rescue Rottie, I saw a 2 year old white Husky/Shephard mix at another rescue and when she started to lick my hand and whimper, well…..um…err.. other dogs than rotties need to have a home as well right? So Shay will come home with me this Friday morning, December 7th. She has been all over the place in BC and no one has taking her, so although I’m now wondering what on earth I am taking on that no one else wanted, I’ve re-hab’d enough dogs that I believe I’m up to it.. It is very good to “hear” about other Husky/Shephards though. And after having rotties land in one’s lap during a thunderstorm, a skinny little Husky/Shephard should be no problem yes? LOL

  7. Matthew Hayes says:

    My fiance and I adopted our Shepherd Husky Mix about a month and a half ago. He was roughly 8-10 weeks old when we got Ghost from a litter a few hours away from where we live. We have 2 cats that get along with each other fine, but the one skiddish cat freaks out whenever he gets to close. Of course he loves to get to close as he is a puppy. He is very good at obeying me as i have asserted myself as the master of the house, can’t say much for his obedience to my fiance, he kind of ignores her. I just started taking him for walks as the Vet told us to wait around a month so he can adjust his body temperature better as its starting to get cold in Syracuse. Once he is big enough to stay in stride with me i plan on taking him running everyday. He has a lot of energy and at times can be to energetic for me. He was a craigslist puppy so i was unsure how to gauge the price of him i wonder what should normally be spent for a dog of this mix? Anyway he’s my boy and we get along great. His ears are just starting to perk up the left one is still a little floppy lol. Anyone taken their dogs to a trainer for making them guard dogs or are they just naturally protective?

  8. mark says:

    Ginger is a 12 year old husky-sheperd mix, undoubtedly the best dog in the world. More shepherd in appearance she has the best temperament in the world. I have three kids who have played with, slept on, and generally messed with the dog who just comes back for more.. The boys taught her to growl and snarl on command, it looks really scary then you realize that when is wagging her tail. the most dangerous thing about the dos is standing behind her when she is happy, that tail could break bones. Right now she is sleeping at my feet, the only thing she needs is about an hour of waling every day, she knows when it is time and will wait outside the closet where the leash is stored.

    I would recommend the dog to any one, she gets on with the cats and the recent introduction of a new dog simply gave her a new companion. She will vocally alert when people come to the door or pull into the drive but never threatens. She has chased deer but then got very confused when she actually cornered one.

    In short unless you are looking for a guard dog there is no better mix breed out there.

  9. Raven says:

    Rusha, my six year old Husky/Shepard is my best friend, to put it honestly. She is very playful, and I’m pretty sure she still thinks she’s a puppy. Rusha has multicolored eyes, and a gold, white and brown coat. Paired with floppy ears, she’s a beauty! I recieved her from my mothers friend, whose husky Dakota had a litter of shepard/huskies. Rusha was nothing but a ball of fur when I got her.
    Rusha is very talkative. After witnessing her howl on multiple occasions, and ‘purr’, I’ve been easily able to teach her to howl on command, by saying, “Sing, Rusha sing!”. It’s really cute.
    She also makes a good guard dog, as long as she doesn’t have to come face to face with a stranger. Her bark is bigger than her bite.
    Rusha tends to need to be walked everyday, because she has a lot of energy, but at night time, she happily sleeps on the couch inside.
    All in all, I think she’s a beautiful pooch, and I love her with my entire being!

  10. Chad says:

    Me and my wife have been looking for a half shepard half husky now for a while anyone have suggestions on finding one?

  11. Reese says:

    I also have what I believe to be a sheperd/husky mix. I rescued him from the local shelter 2 months ago. His beautiful eyes and coloring is what caught my eye. He is white and orange white blue eyes and is the best and smartest dog I’ve ever been around! I named him Trigger. He is so great with my kids, house trained, never had any accident, EXTREMELY attached to me and protective. I’m a small woman- barely five feet tall and 100 pounds and when I sit he HAS to be in my lap with his nose tucked up next to my side. He’s just a big ole baby. I have five small children and they jump around on him, even when he’s sleeping and it’s never phased him a bit. If I’m sitting in the floor he will come up and lay his head on my shoulder and nudge my face. He loves to play and run too. I think this ‘breed’ is by far the most beautiful and well natured dogs I’ve ever come across. Its the perfect mix. I would love to find another like him to give him a playmate. He’s very good with other animals. HATES cats tho 🙂

  12. Mandee says:

    Me and my husband just rescently got a German Shepherd Husky mix. He’s 8 weeks old, and we are looking for the answers to a question. His canine teeth are extremly large for any puppy that we have ever seen. We don’t know if this a husky thing or what. We have a Golden Shepherd mix and her teeth weren’t like that as a puppy. We are just curious. Thanks!

    • talkscout says:

      Hi Mandee, can you send us a pic of your pup’s teeth? We’ll have a veterinarian take a look and comment. We do remember Kodiak’s teeth being very pronounced and gorgeous! as a puppy. Send the pic via email to Info@Sarasotadog.com – and we’ll get right back to you.

    • talkscout says:

      Hey Mandee, we showed your pup’s dental pic to Dr. Luke Bergland of Beach Veterinary Clinic and he agreed that from the photo – everything looks normal!

  13. Lizbeth says:

    I just got a G-Shepard Husky mix last night from a mutual fried that didn’t want them. He’s 6 weeks old and I just wanted to know what’s the easiest way to potty train him since Dino my puppy keeps peeing and going on my carpet lol. I’m kind of new to big dogs. Never had a dog if this breed only small ones sO I’m kind of scared since my 2 years old loves to pull his tail but, he hasn’t bite him or barked at him just yet so it makes me feel better about basically rescuing him since he’s rolling with the punches. I just need help with potty trading him and do all mix breeds have pointy ears or just the lucky ones because he has AMAZING blue/white eyes so I’m hoping he has pointy ears too!! Thank for your help! 🙂

    • talkscout says:

      Hi Lizbeth, you have the luxury of teaching your pup at a very early age. We are big fans of crate training. The crate will offer your little guy a safe place to call his own, and naturally he will not (probably) pee in there. Go right from the crate outside. Lots of people use words to cue their dog to go, something like “peeps” – and of course use tons of positive reinforcement. “Good Dog!” when he goes. The hardest part will be to just be vigilant – keep an eye on your pup at all times – if you even just guess that he’s looking for a place – whisk him outside and use your cue word. Your breed is very smart and it shouldn’t take to long. Be patient, be consistent and it will work out fine!

      • Lizbeth says:

        Well his previous owners always let him sleep with them do should I put the crate by my room or some where else and also what’s the best crate to use for them because I don’t want to buy one and them later on have to get a bigger one since they are large dogs.

        • talkscout says:

          Yes, well that’s beauty of a mixed breed. 🙂 You don’t really know how big they are going to get. I’d suggest looking for a smaller crate to use now – maybe on Craig’s List or at a Garage Sale. Be sure to clean it with really hot water and a disinfectant. By all means keep it in your room and if you can it would be great to put it on a table that would allow you to stick your fingers through in the night if the puppy cries. It’s going to take some time. Our Husky mix measures over five feet when he is stretched out and what that meant was having to buy a new King sized bed for us. Between the Husky Mix, the little dog and a couple of cats – the King size is now too small. Good luck and keep us posted!

  14. Aleesha says:

    I have just recently adopted Husky/shepherd. She is an angel!!!! I was just wondering is there ANYTHING I can do about the excessive shedding? I know she needs to brushed, groomed, etc… It just seems like its WAY too much shedding…Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

    • Mark says:

      About the only thing you can do about the shedding is…..get used to it. They need to be brushed often, especially in the summer, but it never really ends. The shedding is the ONLY negative about our Shepherd/husky.

  15. ShayBay says:

    My husband and I adopted our GSD Husky mix from a local shelter when she was 7 weeks old. She has been the best dog we could have asked for. She is so loving and carefree but listens and learns so easily. She is very vocal and will “talk back” when told what to do. She moans and groans as if to say “no way!” It is a trait we love about her! We named her Lady Girl and take her with us wherever we go. She loves people and other dogs so much. She even plays tug of war with my sister’s GSD. I will always look for this mix of breeds everytime I get a dog!

  16. Limor says:

    We have had out shephard/husky mix for 3 months, now. He is wonderful. He looks like a red fox. He loves other dogs and the dog park is his favorite place. Many people at the dog park say our dog is the only one theirs will play with. He truly has a gift for drawing out the best in other dogs. He is 6 months old now. We got him from a shelter. He was very fearful for a long time, but is now very living and loves to cuddle and play with his people. He is very intelligent and needs to be excercised a lot or he is destructive. Just a wonderful dog. I’m very grateful for him.

  17. Mark says:

    We got ours from a rescue shelter about 5 years ago. He was 4 or 5 at the time and had been abused and neglected and was prone to running away. Since we have had him we have accidentally left the gate open several times and he never leaves the front yard. He is very energetic and loveable and craves attention. He is patient with small children and understand that the cat is the master of the house. And he virtually never barks. He CAN bark, I guess he never has anything to say. Oh….and he sheds. Like a boss.

  18. Deserie says:


    I am considering getting a Shepherd/Husky mix puppy. They want 450.00 dollars for her. I don’t know what this breed usually sells for. Does anyone have any clue what the typical selling price is for this breed?


    • Sean Laker says:

      Please,please donot spend all that money on a puppy from a breeder.There are so many beautiful and worthy dogs in shelters and rescues….waiting for a good home and family or waiting to be euthanised.
      Please adopt and you can donate that money to the rescue site.You will not go wrong.

      • talkscout says:

        Sean and all, we couldn’t agree more. Almost every town in America has a shelter or a rescue group dealing with pets who have been discarded through no fault of their own. Further, by buying a puppy from a store – you could be unwittingly supporting a puppy mill where other dogs are abused. Adopt!

  19. talkscout says:

    Just found this plea: Urgent Courtesy Post! If you are in the Bradenton/Sarasota/Tampa area, please try to help this man! These puppies are trying to survive with their momma outside with no shelter. The man has no resources to care for them or vet them. He will keep the momma but cannot take care of the puppies. He is putting water on hard food for them to try to eat. His phone # is 941-920-0849. The puppies are husky/shepherd mix born December 22. Extremely urgent! The puppies are in Bradenton.

  20. DeAnna says:

    I have a German Shepherd Husky mixed baby boy named Bear. He’s a little over a year. He’s a rescue who suffered from abandonment issues when we first got him in September. He was so bad we had to put him outside any time we were gonna leave the house or he’d chew everything in the house. After a while he settled down and stopped chewing. We leave plenty of toys and good denture bones out for him to chew on. We have two cats who were here first and aren’t too keen on dogs but all they have to do is stand their ground and walk (not run) past him and there’s no problem. He wants to play with them but has been scratched so much in the nose that he waits till I’m walking past a cat and will walk around on the other side of me to avoid them…lol. I absolutely love him. I’m the only one home all day every day and have had knee surgery so I’ve been inactive with him. He doesn’t seem to mind though. He lays around the house all day with me and goes to bed at night as well. Such a great baby.

  21. Ryan says:

    My wife and I got a shepherd husky mix almost 5 months ago when she was about 9 weeks from a friend of my parents. She looks more like a shepherd with white paws and a tipped tail. She is incredibly energetic and can be destructive even after an hour of running in the backyard. She is very vocal, growling, moaning and more barking than other people here have said. We wanted a second dog because our first liked being around other dogs more than not. He’s a small 4y/o havanese poodle mix and she seems to pick on him more than play. We introduced them when we got her but we definitely see the prey driven nature in her. Her temperament looks to be mostly husky with her tantrums, independence and digging. She seems bigger for the breed at 50lbs/22″ at the shoulder and not quite 7 months.

    She is intelligent and learns very quickly, but is the most stubborn dog I have ever dealt with and she doesn’t really know how to bite gently when playing. Because of the way she plays and her energy level, we decided we really need her on some kind of training/exercise regiment. Does anyone on here have suggestions for training or curbing her aggressive playfulness or destructive tendencies?

    • talkscout says:

      Ryan, have you looked into Agility Training with your Husky Shepherd Mix?

    • Thomas Green says:

      I run mine about 8 to 10 miles in the morning or I ride my bike Silas runs I knew the breed loves to run and it has been an effective tool for mellowing the dog out otherwise yes he gets goofy and starts to play with everything in the yard. This guy got lost or abandoned and had issues around men and sticks but has chilled over the past months and I can now pickup sticks or branches and not get a reaction. The cats had the biggest adjustment but have learned to walk not run around him and he has learned to not chase them when I am there but when I am not he tends to stalk them hoping they will run. A nice dog who learns and generally listens and obeys and a good companion!

  22. Nancy says:

    Hi to all, I also have this mix. I have one idea for Ryan, when my Acer would us me as a chew toy I would give the loudest yelp I could muster and he stopped, it took a couple of time’s but he would look at me with a horror struck expression and that’s all he needed. I am so glad I did that at 90 pounds and 30 inches tall at the shoulder I would NOT want to be a chew toy today! My baby Acer is 2 years old. He is black with cream and white marking’s and very friendly, although he has a protective side when he thinks he needs it. I think he looks more Shepherd than Husky and he “talks” but not like a husky much he barks, I wish other wise because he is ear splitting! He is ball crazy and super smart he has his CGC and advanced obedience, Very proud doggie mom!!

  23. Barb says:

    We also have a Shepherd/husky mix that we adopted from the humane society about 21/2 months ago. Her name is Maisy & she’s had a rough life so far at a young 15 months of age. She has been in several different homes, ours being her 5th.I think she has been abused, but she is extremely smart & has learned many basic & advanced skills, before she came to us. She loves to learn anything new you have to teach her, but like Ryan, we are having problems. She is also the most stubborn dog we have ever had, as well as the most energetic. She can be well exercised, and still wear me out, although my husband fares better. She hates to take “No” for an answer and is also a very aggressive player. She talks, moans, whines and barks when she doesn’t agree with us. We also have a shitzu/poodle mix dog who is 8 yrs. old & she was adopted from a shelter, as well, & she has been the most sweet and gentle dog we have ever had. But our shepherd/husky constantly tries to head-butt her or chase her. Now the shipoo becomes very aggressive or angry with Maisy, or sometimes just looks for a safe place away from her! Help! Any suggestions would be most appreciated! She also displays quite an aggressive bark when she wants our attention.

    • Perl Goldberger says:

      I have a male shepherd-husky, 4 years old, and a 10 year old chihuahua. My family’s always had more than one dog. The way I trained these two to not fight is to always treat them equally. They share a food and water bowl, both always full except maybe at night. When it comes to treats, I make both sit before I start giving treats and alternate giving them pieces, saying their names first so neither tries to grab the others. Both sleep in a bed. We can’t walk them at the same time, but since the husky needs more exercise, he’s the first pick and the chihuahua doesn’t usually mind.

      My sister had two dogs that she had to get rid of because they were aggressive with her Pomeranian and I think it was because she treated the pom better than the other two.

      Good luck.

  24. joy says:

    hi! so I am planning on getting a Shepard Husky Mix when i move down to Georgia. I’m trying to do alot of research if it’s a good idea to have a Shepard Husky in a hot dry place. I mean I plan on finding a location where there is alot of open land. Any tips on the type of environment my dog would need to be in? I never had a dog but my friend had a husky and so i learned to fall in love. please help!

    • Amanda says:

      I live in Georgia with my German Shepard/ Husky, Sasha. As long as your dog has easy access to water and shade, your dog will be fine. Although Sasha is an inside dog, she does just laying in the shade some times when I try to call her in. My dog loves to run so I hope you have a big yard! Although these are great dogs, don’t buy one. There are plenty of adorable, smart, loyal dogs at a shelter who need a family.

  25. Barb says:

    I am correcting my entry from May 22, 2013. I stated that Maisy head-butts the Shipoo, but it should read that she nose- butts her. We have also had several visits from the poodles across the street.Maisy also tries to nose-butt them, but does not get away with that. They will chase her & she them, but they will not tolerate any bad behaviour from her. I should mention that they are both males.

  26. Kendra says:

    Where to start with our little boy. We got our shepherd husky mix in march of 2011 when he was 6 weeks old from a breeder that had an oops litter of german shepherd and husky mixed puppies, and he has been the best thing for us. We were living in Florida when we got him, so to anyone wondering how they do in hot temperatures they are completely fine. Due to their double coat, it not only acts as a warmer but also keeps them cool in the summer. Just make sure they have access to shade and water and they will be happy. Now we live in the Midwest and Bandit is all about the snow. He has been fully potty trained since he was 8 weeks old and never used a crate. Bad I do know but his husky howl was quite loud so we instead used the bathroom as his “bedroom” and made sure ever few hours the first week to get up and take him out with “potty?” Cue. Since then he has never had an accident. He also learned sit and lay down by 9 weeks and has now learned over 10 common commands with a few fun one added in. Yes the shedding is bad, and heaven forbid sirens go off in the middle of the night. Bandit will decide to sing the song of his people for a half hour. He does talk, and he will tell you be loves you and say hello. Quite interesting to hear clear words from a dog.

    I would have to say the only con he have had up until renecly was him escaping. The husky side is very dominate in him, therefore wondering and stubbornness is a major part of his personality. But now that he is 2.5 years old he has slowly been resisting the urge to run away. I recommend the mix to anyone and everyone that wants a best friend through everything. I can honestly say that he is better at making a bad situation better just by the sweet eyes that he has. Which by the way are a swirl mix of green brown and blue. They are very easy to train and even easier to introduce to new people. We have not had any problems with thunder storms, he just falls to sleep to the sounds outside. Last but not least he has stopped three different break in; and I know for a fact he would do anything to protect his family. He is generally friendly to everyone, so I know when he is hesitant around someone to trust his judgement.

  27. Amanda says:

    I recently received a German Shepard/ Husky/ Lab mix. She has all the best qualities of all 3 breeds. She came to us in an unexpected way. I work for a landscaping company and found her covered in mud under a trailer. I put up signs and the owner called saying she didn’t want her back. She had all her shots, I was given all her paperwork,& she was so beautiful…so I’m responsible for her now. I’m not the person to send a dog to the shelter so she joined my little family (a boyfriend and cat).
    She loves people, especially kids. She’s 5months old and will not bark unless she feels like unsafe. We’ve had her three weeks and she has already defended me when I was approached by three men at a gas station. That’s how she got her name, Sasha, “man’s defender”. Very loyal. Very intelligent as well. She didn’t know any tricks when we got her. Now, she knows sit, down, enough and we almost have shake down. She loves learning but we are having a problem with her getting too excited and tinkling a little inside. She’s not destructive though but I think it’s because she was crate-trained. I honestly don’t think she was abused but I can’t see why someone would give up such a wonderful, loyal dog.

  28. Carrie says:

    My fiancé and brought home a 6 wk old shepherd husky mix! Cheyenne is now almost 10wks. She loves to be around people and other dogs! We also have two cats, everyone tolerates each other. Poor Cheyenne just wants to be friends and play. The cats are not so sure. She knows sit and lay down. She also walks great on a leash now. we are still working on crate training and house training. The other day we were out for a walk and a lady stopped to tell me how impressed she was at Cheyennes behavior. I love this dog. She has been such a blessing.

  29. Jon says:

    I just recently got my first ever shepherd husky. I had a husky mix when I was a kid but we weren’t sure what it was mixed with and ever since I have wanted one. Our local animal shelter had a Husky/Hound mix but when I went to adopt her she had already been adopted. Then the lady that runs the shelter told me about a call she had gotten a few days before. A family had the shepherd husky and the mom was tired of him tearing stuff up and said that her daughter refused to train him. Well I adopted him and since I’ve had him I have fallen in love with him. He goes everywhere with me. He happens to be one of the tan ones and looks like a fox to me so I named him Todd after the fox from the Fox and the hound. as of today he is 4 months old and I am working on training him. Not the easiest thing in the world to do but I don’t regret one moment of it. I know I have a long way to go but I plan on having Todd for a long time.

  30. FatherOfZeus says:

    We got Zeus when he was 71/2 weeks old. German shepherd ( mother ) and husky ( father ) mix. He has been with us for about 5 weeks now. Unfortunately the vet found roundworms and he put him on medication. He had his last round last week so he is going to be tested again next week. But his stool seems pretty clean now.
    He is growing very fast. Personality wise he seems more husky to me: digging in the garden, stubborn, but also very smart. We also have a 13 year old poodle mix and he is after her. He was smaller than her whe we got him but now he is already bigger and in control. Our 6 year old daughter doesn’t know how to handle him and runs away from him and to him that’s a sign to run after her and grab her clothes/shoes. I am looking for some serious training for him now that he is still young. Interestingly enough some places that I called said bring him as soon as possible ( he already had two rounds of shots ) but others said wait until he is at least 4 to 5 months old.

    Any thoughts?


    • talkscout says:

      We all know that training this mix can be a challenge! Where are you located Father of Zeus? We may be able to provide you with some trainer’s names.

      • FatherOfZeus says:

        Thanks for the reply. We live in southern California (Inland Empire). If you know of any trainers in the counties of San Bernardino, Riverside, or even Orange county please let me know. I know that the petco close to us offers classes but I am not sure if that is going to be enough for Zeus.

        • talkscout says:

          We reached out to our San Bernadino friends and they recommended At The End of Your Leash. Suggest that you call and explain your specific situation with Zeus to them. If their place is not convenient for you – they should be able to point you to another reputable trainer. Good luck, and please let us know how things are going. Many Wags.

          • FatherOfZeus says:

            Thank you talkscout. I have contacted them to get more information about their programs. I will post when I have more news.

  31. Marley's mom says:

    Ive just got a beautiful 10 week old Husky/shep mix puppy and wondering what everyone’s recommendations are for dog food?

    At the moment we are feeding him Purina beneful for puppies but the reviews online are quite literally scaring me so advice would be much appreciated!

    Thank you

    • talkscout says:

      Hi Marley’s Mom, Good for you for being an informed pet parent. Most grocery store dog foods have unthinkable ingredients – and the last things you would want to give your dog. Generally we recommend Fromm. But the best advice we can give you is to find a holistic pet supply store near you and talk to them. They’ll be able to make recommendations based on your specific dog’s needs, and your budget too. Since Marley is just a baby, and a Husky/Shep mix having a relationship with your local holistic shop will be great, down the line if and when other questions arise. Enjoy!

      • Sabrina says:

        I forgot to mention that grains are also the reason for tooth decay in dogs, and so if it weren’t for the fact that there are still minimal amount of grains in his dry kibble, we literally would not have to brush his teeth. Another benefit of not feeding grain is you won’t have to deal with gum disease or tooth decay as much down the line.

      • Dave says:

        Marley’s mom We adopted a Marley too. We have a Dobe and Marley. We have fed our Dobe Fromms large breed. Marley took right to it. Very good all natural food.

        Our Marley is an expert escape artist. Jumping out windows, opening sliding doors. We need to secure the house before we leave.

    • Sabrina says:

      My little guy Jake is a 7 year old shepherd husky mix that I got 6 months ago from a rescue. He is blind (congenital/genetic defect we’ve been told), and so his nutrition is of utmost importance considering he already has a disadvantage that fortunately hasn’t slowed him down. I did a bunch of research prior to formulating his diet, and I’ve now combined what the rescue recommended (go! Dry dog kibble) with canned tuna. I do this because grains are quite literally the worse thing you can feed your dog (their bodies are not designed to digest it), and it explains why my old dog who had a healthy appetite and ate regular dog food had so many health problems, from rashes to undigested food. I realize the food we give him is expensive (it totals about $75 per month), but it’s well worth the lack of vet bills since those can run quite high. So far, he hasn’t had any health issues aside from an ear infection which cost $20 to treat.

      A good indicator of how good your dog food is for your dog is the size of its stools. My dog eats about 300g of food total (which is about right around the mark for a 55-lb dog), and his stools are only half the size of that, while I see other dogs, some smaller, that have stools about twice that size. Think of it this way – the more protein and lean fat the food has and the less grains, the more of it is actually nutritious and your dog’s body will absorb which will result in smaller stools.

      You can also try a raw meat diet which some top german shepherd breeders recommend (and there is plenty of info on that on the internet), and while I’ve tried this with my dog it results in loose stools that are a mess to clean up, not to mention really expensive if that’s all you’re feeding.

      Hope this helps and points you to additional resources!

  32. tanya says:

    I have a half husky /german shep all white one blue eye one brown eye. He is the strangest dog i have ever had. He doesnt play with toys and doesnt bark he sleeps all the time. He watches tv with us . My husbañd spoiled him he loves attention. He is smart we had him for 2 months the first week i started a routine taking him for walks in the morning and afternoon. He learned how to get back to the house in a week. Why is his temperment so mild. He gets along with everybody. He walks in the room in slow.motion he still scares us with those eyes

  33. Jenny Hill says:

    From my recent experience with a shepard-husky mix, I totally agree with everything you said!
    I have always been a “cat person”, but I did have two dogs growing up. My husband loves huskys and I thought it would be a good time to welcome a new addition to our family since I had just become a stay at home mom. We adopted an all white Shepard husky mix and he has made me into a dog person! He is my shadow everywhere I go

    • Laurawantsadog says:


      I am looking into getting a white german shepherd and Siberian husky mix from a friend. I too am a “cat” person as Fluffy was so easy to train. Growing up we never had any pets. Has this breed been easy to train? I would love to get one but am scared that it might not be a good “1st” dog. We have 2 older kids (9 and 6) and they have completely fallen in love with the german husky pups and want one for Christmas!!!

      • talkscout says:

        Hey Laura, Our Husky-Shep gets along well with our 4 cats. When we introduced them we made sure to move slowly and that the cats had “escape” routes. . .places to jump up to avoid the dog. Probably a good idea to leave the leash on for awhile so that you can grab it should the pup become a little too enthusiastic. Let us know how it goes and be sure to send us some photos to info@Bradentondog.com!

  34. talkscout says:

    HI Everyone, we are looking to put together a photo gallery of everyone’s Shepherd Husky dogs, if you’d like to have your pup featured, please email us an image to MaryLou@SarasotaDog.com, please let us know your dog’s name and weight if you know it.. We will send you back the link when we post the pictures.

    Thank you!

  35. Rhea says:

    I have a male husky/shepherd mix. I’ve had him since he was 7 months old. He is now 8 years old. He is a very loyal dog in the house. I believe he is a shepherd when he’s inside. As soon as he gets outside the husky takes over. He is an alpha male, he manages to sometimes free himself from his leash. When you try to catch him it’s a game to him. He only comes back when he wants to. I don’t think there is anything I can do about this. I figured since he is older that he would have grown out of it. I’ve tried shock collars, coaxing him with treats. Nothing works. I’m afraid he will eventually get hit by a car. He likes to hunt small animals. Funny thing is we have two cats an he loves then to pieces.

  36. FatherOfZeus says:

    I was wondering about what people think with regards to appropriate age for spaying/neutering. Our vet told us 5 to 6 months is pretty much the standard. But I have been reading some studies online that recommend against that practice. I was reading that dogs that are “fixed” younger tend to grow taller with lighter bones and narrower chests and skulls. In addition, due to disproportionate bone growth problems such as hip dysplasia or torn ligaments are more frequent in dogs “fixed” earlier.

    Thank you,

    FatherOf Zeus

  37. MomaofPup says:

    I rescued my puppy after he was hit by a car and broke his femur and fractured his hip. he’s about 5 months old and has recovered 100%. he’s the most loving and destructive creature I’ve had ( my first puppy). he’s learned so much already and improving each day. his mother is a black and white siberian and his dad is a black and tan Shepard. out of 5, all puppies were male of which 2 were solid white 2 were grey and white and 1 black. the boy I rescued was white and is now growing into a nice thick Shepard coat with a tan streak down his back now. he’s very talkative, socialized, and in training. loves all dogs and cats and babies. he is so intelligent and knows his boundaries around and outside of the house. I love my little puppy!

  38. kat says:

    I just got a 4week old shephard husky mix. She does well with my male pets. A 7 yr old beagle mix, a 3 year old lab, a 5yr old cat and two 1yr old maine coons. They are all so much fun and get along beautifully.

  39. Dave says:

    Our boy Marley is an escape artist. he has jumped out windows, opened sliding doors, just a Hudini want to be. It has become a game to make sure we have blocked all exits when we leave the house. When we are home he is nothing but a perfect pet. We have 4 cats and a dobe Titus and they all get along great. We adopted MArley to be a companion for titus after we had to put down our other rescued dog we had for years, They are crazy friends and inseparable.

  40. ashley says:

    4weeks is so young to take away from the mother. I didn’t get mine until 8weeks! Is there a reason you got her so early? I don’t know the protocol, but bc she is so young, u will certainly need to supplement her with something other than just puppy chow.

  41. Chelsi says:

    I have a year old male Pomeranian, My boyfriend is planning on getting a husky/Shepard mix the pups aren’t ready to leave their mother yet so i still have time to research. we are planning on getting a girl. I have had bad experiences in the past with big dogs and little dogs granite they didn’t grow up together as puppies. any advice?

  42. Noelle says:

    6years ago I took a chance on a skinny sad German Shepard Huskey mix at the Humane society . He was abandoned,left in a back yard, because his family moved and just left him behind. Frankie was such a blessing. He is th e best dog I’ve had . They said he was about 3 yrs old. I never had this big of a dog. I lost a tiny chi. , due to illness.And was looking for someone to love. Frankie has beautiful sky blue eyes, and just perfect. I would highly recommend this breed. I love him so very much

  43. Rose says:

    My 12 year old female Husky Sheppard cross has been a great addition to our family. We got her at 6 weeks old. In the early days she’d chew on things around the house and was a bit destructive but she grew out of that. House training actually went easy, when she went in the house I scolded her with loud words and pointed to the mess then put her outside. After awhile she “asked” to go out by making noises and pacing. She plays fetch, tug of war and shakes a paw. For someone that knows how to train a dog you could get them to learn many tricks. Recommend the breed for anyone that likes an active friendly dog. Downside is that she sheds terribly during spring and summer so frequent brushing is required.

  44. Michelle says:

    I have a 3 year old Husky Shepherd mix, Xena, my little warrior princess. She is the light of my life. As a puppy she was abused by my ex, once he was taken out of the picture her whole personality has changed. She is a hyper active, smiley, talkative and snuggly girl. She loves to be the little spoon and will stay all night if I let her. She is very protective of me and will always put herself between me and someone she doesnt know, but a simple reassuring pat on the head and she becomes life long friends with anyone new. She loves cats and children but keeps a very close watch on men she doesn’t know. I keep her shedding under control (ish) by having her groomed regularly and I brush her every couple of days with a Furminator (best $80 I have ever spent) Xena goes everywhere with me, and I could not imagine my life without her. She also helps keep me active with her never ending energy. I cannot say enough about this breed, or my Xena baby. Best decision I have ever made.

  45. Mary says:

    We have a German Shepherd husky mix but she’s very skiddish of new people unless we’re around, she also hardly ever vocalizes. Us this a sign that she’s not the breed we were told she is?

  46. Kaleb Gaylord says:

    Just got a shepherd husky mix from a co worker. I was told the puppy is 7-8 weeks old but she only weighs about 3lbs right now. This weight seems very below average and I’m worried she’s mixed with some other small dog breed. The co worker referred to her as the “runt of the litter” but j just want to be sure she’s a shepherd husky mix.

  47. Mickey says:

    we just adopted 8 month old Dakota, also a Shepard huskie mix! And he is extremely lovable. Everyone that he meets gets a wonderful smile with lots of kisses!

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