June 23, 2018

Manatee County’s Journey to No Kill – May Update

Manatee County's Journey to No Kill - May Update

by Jean Peelen It is so exciting to be a part of a movement that involves great leadership and people of commitment.  The no-kill movement is still on track in Manatee County and is spreading quite quickly through Florida.  Broward County passed a No Kill resolution last month. Hillsborough County announced its intent to become […]

Manatee County’s Journey to No-Kill: March Update

Manatee County's Journey to No-Kill:  March Update

by Jean Peelen It’s hard to believe that we are five months into the quest to become the first no-kill county in Florida.  It has been five months of vision, dreaming, planning, and lots and lots of hard work on the part of rescue groups, shelters, volunteer photographers and their dog wranglers, and volunteer big […]

Manatee County’s Journey to No-Kill

Manatee County's Journey to No-Kill

by Jean Peelen What an exciting month January was for this initiative.  First, and foremost, Manatee County Animal Services increased the number and percentage of animals saved to 75%.  That is just amazing—a 20% increase in saved dogs and cats since August.  I give so much credit to Kris Weiskopf and the entire staff of […]