June 24, 2018

A New Year – A New Promise

A New Year - A New Promise

The new year has almost arrived. 2014 promises to be a new beginning for many and for the large number of homeless dogs – it’s no exception. Feast your eyes upon Scooby, your adoptable dog of the week. Scooby here has a big heart and a big smile. This young 4 year old is searching […]

Daisy’s Quest for Love

Daisy's Quest for Love

Only six more shopping days left til Valentine’s Day! Won’t you consider bringing home a furry ball of love for your family to dote on? Check out your adoptable dog of the week: Daisy! Daisy here is a big, beautiful Great Dane and Rhodesian Ridgeback mix. This large and in charge girl is 6 years […]



Can you believe it’s just two weeks away from Thanksgiving? Crazy but true! Check out your adoptable dog of the week Bradenton: meet Copter. Copter here is a male Rhodesian Ridgeback. He is two years young and weighs about 70 pounds. As you can see, Copter is a brown boy with some white coloring on […]

Breed Profile: Rhodesian Ridgeback

by Lauren R. Tharp Rhodesian Ridgebacks come from South Africa (from Rhodesia, now known as Zimbabwe).  Originally bred by Boer farmers as a hunting dog, big game hunters in the late 1800s found them especially useful as a companion while hunting down lions while on horseback.  Rhodesian Ridgebacks were eventually introduced to the United States […]